Furniture Care information


Looking after your furniture


Wood also needs to be treated with care. Avoid placing items in direct sunlight as this can fade the wood used. Avoid placing furniture directly in front of heat sources and over and near radiators as this will dry out the wood and possibly cause it to shrink and/or warp.

Hard woods such as Oak and Walnut can be waxed with a clear wax we recommend Fiddes supreme wax or Danish Oil, they will require additional coats of wax or Oil periodically to keep them looking good

Do not use any harsh abrasives, solvent or silicone based cleaning products on any part of our furniture.

To avoid damage to table tops we strongly advise the use of coasters and place mats. A table cloth may also be recommended if there is an increased risk of spillages such as a dinner party.


Mild steel if untreated is susceptible to corrosion, to prevent oxidation, dust the steel and the use of clear wax or kitchen oil applied over the steel is recommended at regular intervals to prevent moisture settling on the steel.

For more stubborn marks a spray oil such as wd40 can be used with a thick paper towel. Do not use any harsh solvent or silicone or water based cleaning products.

As with any mild steel it is impossible to predict how long it will take for rust to develop dependent on where it is used.  We do our best to ensure items are thoroughly protected though cannot guarantee that any rust will not appear at some point in the products life.