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Coat Stands are back

In recent years the coat stand briefly disappeared from our homes.

But now they are back and not just in traditional homes but space saving coat stands are appearing in modern homes. This is partially due to people posting home renovations on social media platforms.

While some might be of traditional design they’re certainly not stuck in the past. Our range of coat stands combine traditional styling with modern materials or simply a space saving modern design to ensure they are not out of place in contemporary homes. The best coat stands look good even without your coats adorning them, creating a statement piece of unique furniture in your entranceway.

The most important thing when looking for the best coat stand for your home is size and style. If you’ve got a narrow hall you might prefer a slim space saving stand with shoe rack, while if you have a spacious entrance a large piece could be the answer to create an entraceway to impress your visitors.

A sample of our coat stands from traditional and space saving slim coat stands for bijou apartments and the smaller porch.

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