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Our Tv stand / media unit is a beautiful contemporary solid wood tv stand / tv cabinet / the tv unit it is handmade in our family worktop and a unique piece of furniture of our own design.

The top of the stand has been finished in seawashed white with grey hues, it is also available in a medium oak finish.

The base of the tv stand is a handmade metal grill which has been polished but left showing all the craftsmanship of the handcrafted welds this is  left open to the rear to allow access for cables etc.

Picture shows the stand with the two small speaker stands or small lamp tables sat at each end of the stand making a statement piece of media furniture that will get many admiring comments.
The speaker stands are completely independant from the main stand and can be simply placed at the ends to create a large focal point tv stand to cover one wall or used in another part of the room as speaker stands for surround sound.

The shelf space on the 80 cm is 29cm deep x 70cm wide x 12cm high ideal for storage of some playstations etc 

These are finished with plastic caps to the base to protect floors
This is a lovely chunky solid wood stand and is suitable for many tv sizes it is a very heavy item that you will not find for sale by anyone else as it is our own copyright design.
Approx size:

Width of Tv stand is selectable from drop down box
Height 38 cm
Depth 34 cm

Side Speaker stands are 40cm wide x 34 deep x 22 high

693: Tv stand, tv table, media unit, speaker stands, side table

Shade of wood finish
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